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Youth Soccer, Youth Lacrosse, Youth Basketball


Important Information for Youth Leagues

The Bartlett Park District offers a wide range of youth sports leagues throughout the year including soccer, softball, basketball and girls volleyball.

Our youth sport leagues depend on volunteer head coaches, assistant coaches and team coordinators. We provide all the necessary training, resources and equipment to ensure you are prepared to coach and have a fun and rewarding experience.  Please consider volunteering to coach a team.  All head and assistant coaches must attend a Positive Coaching Alliance workshop hosted by the Park District. This 2 hour seminar is free for all head and assistant coaches to attend. These dates will be posted in advance. The certification will be valid for 2 years and classes will typically be scheduled in April, August, and November each year.

Youth Team Sports Refund Policy: Refunds requested after the registration deadline will be issued only if a replacement is found and registered. A $7 administrative fee is charged per person. The uniform portion of the registration fee is not guaranteed to be refunded.

Youth Soccer Hotline   (630) 540-4892
Youth Softball Hotline  (630) 540-4891

Local Youth Athletic Associations Links:
Bartlett Baseball and Sports Association


Our in-house program caters to 1st grade through High School (novices to seasoned players). 1st and 2nd Grade teams are randomly selected, balancing the number of boys and girls on each team. All other teams are formed following an evaluation of player’s skills and then a coaches blind draft. A maximum of 10 players are assigned to each team. Each player will receive a team t-shirt and must wear black shorts. The season includes a 10 game season for each age group (1st and 2nd grade play 8 games).

Click here to be taken to the athletics homepage for schedules and important documents

Winter Basketball 2016-2017  

Below is a tentative timeline to let parents know when the seasons will begin for each grade level:

League 1st/2nd Co-Ed 3rd/4th Boys 5th/6th Boys 7th/8th Boys 3rd/4th Girls 5th/6th Girls 7th/8th Girls High School
Reg. Deadline Dec. 3 Dec. 3 Sept. 10 Sept. 10 Sept. 10 Sept. 10 Sept. 10 TBD
Practices Start Jan. 30 Jan. 30 Nov. 1 Nov. 1 Dec. 12 Dec. 12 Dec. 12 March 20
Games Start Feb. 18 Feb. 17 Nov. 12 Nov. 11 Jan. 13 Jan. 13 Jan. 13 April 10
Game Days Sat. Fri. & Sat. Fri. & Sat. Fri. & Sat. Sat. Sat. Sat. Fri. & Sat.



Soccer Leagues (Fall & Spring)

The soccer program is designed to appeal to a wide range of soccer abilities, from introducing the game to novices with no prior experience, to challenging more experienced players. The following co-ed divisions are available:  Kindergarten, 1st Grade & 2nd Grade.  3rd/4th Grade, 5th/6th Grade, 7th/8th Grade and 9th-12th Grade are gender specific. 

Teams are newly formed for the Fall season. Fall players return to the same team in the Spring if they choose to play.  New Spring players are added to existing Fall teams or new spring teams are created.  Teams wear professional looking soccer uniforms (included in the registration fee). 

Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd Graders receive a new uniform in the Fall and Spring.  3rd-8th Grade players wear the same uniform for both Fall and Spring.

In-house games are all played locally at Bartlett fields. Inter-Village divisions require teams to travel up to 20 minutes away to play surrounding communities such as Carol Stream, Elgin, Bloomingdale, Hanover Park, and Streamwood.

Click here to be taken to the athletics home page for schedules and important documents

Contact Josh Handelsman (630) 540-4843 or email for more information on soccer.










House Softball:

The softball program is designed to appeal to a wide range of softball abilities, from introducing the game to novices with no prior experience, to challenging more experienced players. Teams are newly formed for the Summer season. Bartlett will be playing in a league with West Chicago, Batavia, and Geneva. Age levels will coincide with ASA age regulations. Fall players return to the same team in the Summer if they choose to play.  New Fall players are added to existing Summer teams or new Fall teams are created. Each player will receive a sleeveless professional jersey and matching socks (included in the registration fee).  Due to the size and nature of the program, we do not accept carpool or friendship requests nor can we guarantee coach requests. The Summer season includes a 10-12 game season for each division, followed by single elimination playoffs for 10U, 12U, 14U, and High School. The Fall season includes an 8 game season for each division, followed by single elimination playoffs for divisions 10U, 12U, 14U, and High School.

Registration is now open. The registration deadline for residents and nonresidents is March 18th at 12noon. Refer to page 35 of the winter brochure for further information.

Contact Eric Eichholz (630)540-4831 or eeichholz@bartlettparks.org for more information on softball.

Click here to be taken to the athletics home page for schedules and important documents



 About Positive Coaching Alliance

Founded as a non-profit within the Stanford University Athletic Department in 1998, Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) is committed to providing all youth and high school athletes a positive, character-building youth sports experience. To that end, PCA has conducted more than 10,000 live group workshops nationwide for more than 475,000 youth and high school sports coaches, parents, student-athletes and school/organizational leaders. Through workshops and companion online courses, PCA has impacted more than 4 million youth.

PCA’s partnership network includes more than 1,700 youth sports organizations, cities and schools. In 2012, PCA will conduct roughly 1200 live, group workshops across the U.S., while assisting tens of thousands of other individuals via online courses. PCA has the support of elite coaches and athletes on a National Advisory Board, including National Spokesperson and 11-time NBA Champion Coach Phil Jackson.

As part of a targeted effort to provide the most positive environment possible for its youth athletes, Bartlett Park District is sponsoring 3 coaches workshops in the next year in conjunction with PCA. The two-hour workshop provides coaches with tools they can use to become Double-Goal Coaches® - coaches who want to both win and develop the character of their players. PCA works with coaches, organizational leaders and parents to teach young athletes not only how to win, but also how to learn about teamwork, discipline, respect and goal-setting through their sports experience.

 “Working with hundreds of youth sports organizations around the United States, we've developed practical tools and guidelines to help youth athletes, their coaches and parents realize that winning is not only reflected in game scores but also in the effort players give, the learning and improvement they achieve, and the ability they develop to bounce back from mistakes,” said Jim Thompson, founder and director of Positive Coaching Alliance.

 To view a 2 minute video on the Positive Coaching Alliance click below.

Girls Volleyball Leagues

Girls volleyball is for 5th/6th Grade and 7th/8th Grade players and we have a Fall and a Spring season.  The seasons consist of approximately 10 practices and 6 games against other Bartlett teams as well as Carol Stream and Streamwood Park District teams.  The teams are coached by paid coaches, not parent volunteers.  Practices focus on passing, setting, serving, spiking, blocking and digging skills as well as teaching game strategies, including learning positions, rules and rotations.  This is a fun but competitive environment.  It is recommended that players have some volleyball experience when registering for the league.  A league t-shirt and participation medal are included in the registration fee.

Click here to be re-directed to the Athletics homepage which includes schedules and season specific information.

Contact Josh Handelsman (630) 540-4843 or email for more information on volleyball.




Open Gym

The Bartlett Park District offers open gym for 3rd through 12th Grade to shoot hoops or play pick-up basketball games, no other sports are permitted. Please bring your own basketball. Balls are not provided.  Once the maximum number (limit) of participants has been reached; additional participants will be allowed to enter only when someone leaves. Adults are not permitted to participate in youth open gym. Basketball Open Gym starts in November each year. 

We also offer youth volleyball open gym for 5th-12th Grade to practice and play games.  No other sports are permitted.  Please bring your own volleyball. Balls are not provided.  Once the maximum number (limit) of participants has been reached; additional participants will be allowed to enter only when someone leaves. Adults are not permitted to participate in youth open gym.

To ensure we provide a safe and organized environment an Open Gym Parent and Participant form must be completed and submitted. After the information is processed a Youth Open Gym Photo ID card is required to be processed prior to any admittance to the program. NO CARD- NO OPEN GYM! The ID card costs $4, or $3 if you have a current BPD photo ID card. ID Cards from the 2015/2016 season have expired and will need renewing at a cost of $3. There is a replacement charge of $5 for lost cards. These are processed at the BCC Registration Counter (M, W, F from 8:30am-7pm, T and Th from 8:30am-6pm, and Sat. from 9:30am-1pm). You can fax or e-mail the completed paperwork, including signed waiver, ahead of time or send it with your child.

Click on the link below for the agreement:

Open Gym Parent and Participant Agreement














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