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Face Masks/Coverings Update:  Effective Monday, August 30, 2021 the statewide new mask mandate will be in effect and states that everyone over 2 years old must wear a mask in all indoors settings, regardless of vaccination status. This will include the Park District Facilities. Be safe, be well.
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Chicago Union Ultimate Frisbee Clinic Registration Deadline

Chicago Union Ultimate Frisbee Clinic Registration Deadline Friday, September 10

Ultimate Frisbee is a non-contact, action-packed sport played with a flying disc (Frisbee TM) where players pass the disc from one player to the next until someone catches it in the opponent’s end zone for a goal, worth one point. Players can’t run with the disc, and anytime the disc hits the ground, is intercepted, or goes out of bounds, it’s a turnover, and the defense takes over possession without any stoppage in play. Participants will learn the basic rules and strategies of Ultimate Frisbee, how to throw a backhand and forehand, proper catching techniques, basic offense and defense, and on-field and off-field leadership and teamwork skills. The clinics are centered on Ultimate, but most importantly we prioritize getting kids moving and having FUN. Various activities will include throwing accuracy games, partner catching, Randy Moss drills, footwork games, pulling contests, small scrimmages, and much more.


  • Date:
    Friday, September 10 8am – 5pm