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Bartlett Community Center, LIFECENTER, Splash Central closed Sunday, April 9 for the holiday.
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Fitness Classes

Group Fitness Classes

The LIFECENTER offers a variety of group fitness classes taught by certified instructors. Classes are available for beginners through advanced exercise enthusiasts aged 14 through adult. All fitness classes are INCLUDED with Elite LIFECENTER Membership. Drop in participation is available for non-members for a fee (paid at LIFECENTER desk).

No class registration required.

Our flexible program also has a class SCAN PASS available for the purchase of 10 or 20 classes, as well as an unlimited 12-week class pass. Passes are non-transferable and non-refundable if unused. Stop by the LIFECENTER desk for more information. Group fitness schedules are subject to change based on attendance.

Group Fitness Class Schedule Feb. 27 – Apr. 2, 2023

AQUA FIT – A low-impact cardiovascular workout for muscle toning and improved range of motion. Designed for all fitness levels, you do not have to be a swimmer to participate.
BARRE FUSION– A combination of functional strength, dance, Pilates and Yoga. We use bodyweight as a resistance to focus on alignment and optimal posture while enhancing body awareness, coordination, balance and overall strength. 2-3 lb. hand weights, small balls, tubing and bands will be used.
BARRE ABOVE® A moderate intensity class fusing Pilates, yoga, and aerobics. Focus will be on improving posture, balance, muscle endurance, and flexibility. Classes may utilize the Barre, Pilates balls, gliding disks, stretch bands, and light dumbbells. Visit to preview a typical class.

BODY CONDITIONING – Moderate intensity class using various equipment pieces for muscle endurance and (non-choreographed) cardiovascular conditioning. Core and some strength will be included.

BOXING CIRCUIT – A moderate to high intensity class that brings a balance of kickboxing, plyometric, and strength.

BRICK BODIES – Moderate intensity class using various equipment pieces for muscle endurance and (non-choreographed) cardiovascular conditioning. Core and some strength will be included.

CARDIO BEAT BLAST – Cardio class that includes drills, running, and biking for cardiovascular endurance, body weight and weighted exercises for muscle endurance. May include optional plyometric activities. Class may move to running track, or outdoors during good weather.

CARDIO SPLASH – A moderate intensity cardiovascular water class, including core strengthening & stretching for maximum flexibility & range of motion.

CYCLE – High intensity cardiovascular training that simulates outdoor cycling. CYCLE 45 = 45-minute class, CYCLE 60 = 60-minute class. Strictly FIRST COME FIRST SERVE, Capacity is 18 bikes. WATER BOTTLE IS MANDATORY. TOWEL IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
FOREVER FIT – Low to moderate intensity strength training class using body weight and various equipment for low impact challenge.

KETTLE -N- CORE – Moderate to high intensity workout for your entire body with core muscle control that will get the heart pumping and strengthen muscles. The class will also include core conditioning mat work to further strengthen the body. Dumbbells may also be used.

MAT PILATES – A moderate intensity class that develops muscle strength and endurance of core muscles. Participants will utilize Pilates balls, rings, and bands.

PUMPED UP STRENGTH – A full-body strength session, utilizing combination movement patterns in a targeted, rhythmic progression. The workout fuses cardio into a functional strength workout that is challenging and fun.

RESTORATIVE YOGA – A gentle moving class designed to help you decompress your mind, relax your body, and stretch your muscles. For all fitness levels.
STRICTLY STRENGTH – A moderate intensity class using free weights, med balls, kettlebells, pump and body bars to develop muscle strength and endurance.

TAI CHI – a graceful form of exercise that involves a series of movements performed slowly and with focus. Tai chi strengthens muscles and is good for pre/post joint replacement exercise, as well as arthritic pain. No equipment needed. Wear loose fitting clothing and gym shoes.

YOGA – Designed to improve health, performance, and mental acuity. It blends balance, strength, and flexibility. This class is geared to all fitness levels.

YOLATES – A combination of Pilates and Yoga inspired movements. It will increase your flexibility, core stability, and all over muscle tone. Resist-a-ball or Pilates balls may be used.

ZUMBA® – A mix of low-intensity and high-intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie-burning dance workout, combining all elements of fitness – cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility.

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