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Banquet Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the maximum seating capacity of The Oak Room?
A: The maximum seating capacity in the Oak Room is 160.

Q: Is there a kitchen in The Oak Room?
A: Yes. There is a full service-warming kitchen with ice maker, freezer, refrigerator, warming ovens, stove, microwave and coffee pots. No cooking may take place in kitchen.

Q: What is the cost for The Oak Room?
A: There are different packages for different days of the week. There is a rental fee and security deposit (separate from the room fee) required for each package. Please visit our website for the most up to date pricing information at .

Q: What is included in the rental fee?
A: Depending on the package you choose options may vary. Chairs and tables are always included in your rental.

Q: Can I get into the room early to set-up?
A: No. Your access to the facility is only during the time indicated in your Facility Rental Agreement.

Q: What do I need to clean after my rental?
A: The facility needs to be left in the same condition as when you arrived, unless you have purchased Post- Event Cleanup Service.

Q: Can I bring in my own food or caterer?
A: Yes. Either is fine.

Q: Can I bring in alcoholic beverages?
A: No. The Oak Room does have a liquor license and offers Bar and Beverage Packages served by our certified bartenders. Please use the Oak Room Bar Prices on for the most current package and pricing information.

Q: Does The Oak Room have a stereo system I can use?
A: Yes. You may rent our mp3 adapter that you can use to project music over our sound system for $50. Please keep in mind that the sound is set at one level and will not be able to be adjusted.

Q: Does The Oak Room have a microphone?
A: Yes. There are two cordless microphones available for rental at $35 each.

Q: Does The Oak Room have high chairs?
A: No.

Q: Can I bring in decorations?
A: Yes. Decorations such as, balloons, flowers, votive candles are fine. Please keep in mind you may not attach decorations to any surface in the facility. The use of confetti, glitter, rice or other such items may not be used anywhere inside or outside the facility.

Q: How do I reserve and pay for The Oak Room?
A: Fill out The Oak Room Facility Request Form and turn it in to the Registration Counter at the Bartlett Community Center or submit the form electronically. Once the form is received, if your date is available, it will be booked and a Rental Agreement will be e-mailed out to you. You have seven business days to review it, sign it and return with the security deposit. The rental fee is due 30 days prior to the rental. If your date is not available, you will be contacted by phone as soon as possible.