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Face Masks/Coverings Update: The statewide mask mandate requires that everyone over 2 years old must wear a mask in all indoors settings, regardless of vaccination status. This includes all Park District Facilities. Be safe, be well.

Community Input Meetings via ZOOM for Newport and Camelot on Mayfair Parks Monday, January 24.  


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Staff Directory

Rita Fletcher, CPRP Executive Director 630-540-4835
Maureen Regan Executive Assistant 630-540-4824
Recreation Department
Kimberly Dasbach, CPRP Superintendent of Recreation 630-540-4833
Stephanie FitzSimons, CPRP Marketing Manager  630-540-4834
Mark Grassi Environmental Education Manager 847-608-3120
Josh Handelsman, CPRP Recreation Manager 630-540-4843
Karen Maxwell Preschool Coordinator 630-540-4853
Kathryn Mix, CPRP Recreation Manager 630-540-4873
Robin Nagle Bartlett Nature Center Coordinator 847-608-3120
Megan Quandt CTRS, CPS Recreation Manager 630-540-4831
Special Facilities Department
Lynsey Heathcote, CPRP Superintendent of Special Facilities 630-540-4840
Grant Gilchrist Assistant Aquatics Manager  630-540-4827
Alison Mielitz Aquatics Manager 630-540-4828
Amy McKinley Office Manager 630-540-4865
Johnny Pacheco Fitness Manager 630-540-4839
Marianne Petrovich Asst. Office Manager 630-540-4863
Nicholas Serritella, CPRP Scheduling Manager 630-540-4895
Villa Olivia Department
Mike Toohey  CPRP Superintendent of Villa Olivia 630-540-4161
Nicolette Ellam Food and Beverage Manager 630-540-4162
Bobby Pierobon Golf and Ski Operations Manager 630-540-4167
Lisa Parisi Event Sales Coordinator 630-540-4170
Parks Department
Kelly O’Brien, CPRP Superintendent of Parks & Planning 630-540-4805
Larry Mann Facility Maintenance Manager 630-540-4888
Jessica Meyers Parks, Golf, and Fleet Manager 630-540-4815
Dan Touzios, CPSI Parks and Athletic Fields Manager 630-540-4817
John Zenino, CPO Facility Maintenance Manager 630-540-4816
Business Services Department
Eric Leninger, JD, SHRM-CP Superintendent of Business Services 630-540-4812
Dale Erdman Information Technology Manager 630-540-4884
Patti Mancini Accounting Manager 630-540-4887
Meagan Rawls Human Resources Manager 630-540-4811