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Staff Directory

Rita Fletcher, CPRP Executive Director 630-540-4835
Lindsey Tuminaro Executive Assistant 630-540-4824
Recreation Department
Kimberly Dasbach, CPRP Superintendent of Recreation 630-540-4833
Eric Eichholz, CPRP Recreation Manager 630-540-4831
Stephanie FitzSimons, CPRP Marketing Manager 630-540-4834
Karen Maxwell Preschool Coordinator 630-540-4853
Dan Mitchell, CN Environmental Education Manager 847-608-3120
Kathryn Mix, CPRP Recreation Manager 630-540-4873
Robin Nagle Bartlett Nature Center Coordinator 847-608-3120
Special Facilities Department
Lynsey Heathcote, CPRP Superintendent of Special Facilities 630-540-4840
Grant Gilchrist Assistant Aquatics Manager  630-540-4827
Alison Mielitz Aquatics Manager 630-540-4828
Amy McKinley Office Manager 630-540-4865
Marianne Petrovich Asst. Office Manager 630-540-4863
Nicholas Serritella, CPRP Scheduling Manager 630-540-4895
Villa Olivia Department
Rita Fletcher, CPRP Interim Superintendent of Villa Olivia 630-540-4835
Scott Hardy Food and Beverage Manager 630-540-4162
Karen Haywood Golf and Ski Operations Manager 630-540-4167
Lisa Parisi Event Sales Coordinator 630-540-4170
Parks Department
Kelly O’Brien, CPRP Superintendent of Parks & Planning 630-540-4805
Larry Mann Facility Maintenance Manager 630-540-4888
Jessica Meyers Parks, Golf, and Fleet Manager 630-540-4815
Dan Touzios, CPSI Parks and Athletic Fields Manager 630-540-4817
John Zenino, CPO Facility Maintenance Manager 630-540-4816
Business Services Department
Eric Leninger, JD, SHRM-CP Superintendent of Business Services 630-540-4812
Dale Erdman Information Technology Manager 630-540-4884
Patti Mancini Accounting Manager 630-540-4887
TBD Human Resources Manager 630-540-4811