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Meeting Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Am I allowed to have food/non-alcoholic drinks in the Program Rooms?
A: Food is allowed in the Program Rooms, however there are no kitchen facilities available to heat the food or keep it cool. Food that is served in these rooms should be prepared ahead of time and ready-to-eat at the time of your rental.

Q: Can the rooms accommodate more than 40 people?
A: If you are having a party and want to have space for your guests to move around, 40 people is an ideal number to have in one Program Room, taking into account the tables and chairs that will also be in the room. If you are having a meeting in one of these rooms, we may be able to fit a slightly higher number, provided that you would only like the chairs set-up in a theatre-style fashion. Program Rooms #3 and #4 can be combined so that they create a larger room, with more space. (Please note that the fee for renting out Program Room #3 and #4 will be higher.)

Q: Are decorations allowed in the Meeting Rooms?
A: Yes. Decorations such as, balloons, flowers, votive candles are fine. Please keep in mind you may not attach decorations to any surface in the facility. The use of confetti, glitter, rice or other such items may not be used anywhere inside or outside the facility.

Q: Do I need to clean-up the Meeting Room after my event/party?
A: Yes. The facility needs to be left in the same condition as when you arrived.