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photo Lazy River Walking



This class is designed to accommodate all fitness levels. Challenge yourself with water resistance in this low-impact cardiovascular workout. Added benefits include muscle toning and improved range of motion. You do not have to be a swimmer to participate. This is a drop in group exercise class. You may use a fitness flex pass punch card available at LIFECENTER fitness desk or you can pay the drop in fitness fee at the Splash Central desk.

Aquafit is part of the Group Fitness Class scheduled classes each week.

Water Walkers

Water Walkers is an easy way to strengthen your body. You can walk forwards, backwards and sideways using the natural resistance of the water which makes your muscles work harder to move forward. The water provides a natural buoyancy helping to reduce strain on your joints resulting in little to no impact. Brisk water walking is more strenuous than it initially looks and can provide an excellent aerobic workout, burning 300-500 calories per hour. Changing your water walking routine keeps it interesting while allowing you to work different muscles as part of the exercise. Water weights and noodles are available to use. This program is not led by an instructor. Please see the current program guide for days/times.


Aquatic Fitness 10-Punch Card

Enjoy Water Walkers  and Aquafit with this punch card option. Choose what class you want to attend and when you want to attend. We offer 10 punch, 20 punch or 12 week unlimited punch cards.

Please note that:

• The Bartlett Park District isn’t responsible for lost/stolen cards

• One punch per person, per class

• Bring a friend or keep all ten punches for yourself