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photo of lifeguards

Safety & Guidelines

Rider Height Requirements

Water-based Zip-line: 50 inches/300 pounds maximum inches to ride
Drop Slide: 48 inches to ride
Tube Slide: 48 inches to ride
White Body Slide: 44 inches to ride
Yellow Body Slide: 48 inches to ride
Spray Playground Slides: 36 inches to ride

Water Depth

Original Pool: 0’0’’ up to 5’0’’
Lazy River: 3’0’’
Tube Slide Splash Down: 3’6’’
Zip Line/Drop Slide Pool: 6’6’’ up to 12’3’’
New Body Slide: Uses a run-out, not a pool (no real water depth)

Age Requirements

BAC policies and procedures state that children under age 7 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian 18 years or older. Children from ages 7 to 9 must have a chaperone 14 years or older.

Safety & Rules

To ensure the safety of our patrons and staff we have rules and regulations in place that all individuals must adhere to at all times. The aquatic center is staffed during all operational hours (including private rentals) with professional lifeguards. The Bartlett Park District is a client of StarGuard ELITE, the world’s premier aquatic risk management and lifeguard training firm. StarGuard ELITE licensed lifeguards are required to successfully pass a rigorous training course and renew their licenses with an equally rigorous renewal course every year.

Additionally, lifeguards must attend ongoing training every month in order to ensure the highest level of performance. To maintain accountability, lifeguard vigilance is tested during operational hours by the use of submerged mannequins and simulated live guests-in-distress. As a client of StarGuard ELITE, the Bartlett Park District is subject to random, unannounced audits during the summer by a company representative to ensure compliance with their risk program.

Bartlett Aquatic Center Safety Rules

Severe Weather/Thor Guard