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donald schrade gymnasium


Bartlett Community Center 700 S. Bartlett Road 630-540-4800
LIFECENTER Health & Fitness Club 700 S. Bartlett Road 630-540-4848
Splash Central Indoor Aquatic Center 700 S. Bartlett Road 630-540-4850
The Oak Room Banquet Room 700 S. Bartlett Road 630-540-4800
Party Place Party Rooms 700 S. Bartlett Road 630-540-4800
Bartlett Aquatic Center 620 W. Stearns Road 630-540-4880
Thomas C. White Administration Building 696 W. Stearns Road 630-540-4800
Apple Orchard Golf Course 692 W. Stearns Road 630-540-4807
Bartlett Nature Center 2054 W. Stearns Road 847-608-3100
Villa Olivia Golf, Ski, Banquet Facility 1401 W. Lake Street 630-289-1000
Parks Department 690 W. Stearns Road 630-540-4819
Donald H. Schrade Gymnasium 694 W. Stearns Road 630-540-4800
Log Cabin in Bartlett Park 102 N. Eastern Ave. 630-540-4800


The facilities of the Bartlett Park District are rated “G” for the General Public to enjoy. The facilities include, but are not limited to, the Administration Building, Apple Orchard Golf Course, Bartlett Aquatic Center, Bartlett Community Center, Bartlett Nature Center, Bartlett Skate Park, Log Cabin, Schrade Gym, Villa Olivia, Gazebo, park shelters.

To help make the facilities a pleasant and safe recreation environment, the following facility conduct regulations
are enforced:

1) Persons must be involved in a program or activity to remain in the facilities; no loitering is allowed.
2) Children under the age of nine (9) may not be left unsupervised in the facilities.
3) Animals are not allowed in facilities with the exception of service animals that help assist disabled individuals, and animals expressly for educational purposes under the control of Nature Center staff.
4) Foul language is prohibited at all times.
5) Facility users must show respect to all participants and staff.
6) Facility users must show good citizenship by respecting equipment, supplies, and the facility.
7) Facility users must be responsible by exercising self-control and refraining from causing bodily harm to other participants and staff.
8) Facility users who do not conduct themselves in a proper manner, or do not follow the Facility Conduct Policy, will be removed from the facility and grounds.
9) Repeated improper conduct will result in loss of facility privileges.