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Park Board

About Us

The Board consists of seven Park Commissioners who are elected on a nonpartisan, at-large basis for a term of six years. The elected officials must be residents of the Bartlett Park District and have a vested interest in our community.

Policy-making and legislative authority are entrusted to the Board of Commissioners and they are responsible for passing ordinances and resolutions, adopting the budget, appointing committees, setting policies, and hiring the Park District Executive Director. The Executive Director is responsible for carrying out the policies and ordinances of the Board, for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Park District, and for appointing the heads of the Park District departments.

Board Of Commissioners
President Diana Gunsteen
Vice-President Theodore J. Lewis
Treasurer Stephen M. Eckelberry
Commissioner Lori Palmer
Commissioner Susan M. Stocks
Commissioner Dale Ann Kasuba
Commissioner Jody Fagan

Terms of Office

For more information about serving on a Park Board please click here.

Our Mission & Vision

Mission Statement: We Create Fun!….by providing the finest in Parks, Programs, and Recreational Facilities for our community.

Vision Statement: We strive to create lasting memories for our community by enthusiastically responding to and serving their recreational and leisure needs.

Mission, Vision, Core Values

Policy 6.10 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Comprehensive Plan

Bartlett Comprehensive Plan 2015

Park Board Meetings

The Park Board for the Bartlett Park District holds its regular meetings on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month at 7:30pm at the Thomas C. White Administration Building, 696 W. Stearns Road, Bartlett. If you have suggestions or if you would like to observe how the Park District operates, we encourage your attendance. Board agendas are posted on our website prior to each meeting. To be listed on the agenda, please notify the Executive Director at least one week prior to the meeting: Kevin Romejko at 630-540-4886.

Annual Meeting Schedule

Schedule of Meetings 2024-2025
Schedule of Meetings 2023-2024

Board Meeting Agendas

06/11/2024 Committee Workshop Meeting Agenda
05/28/2024 Board Meeting Agenda
05/14/2024 Committee Workshop Meeting Agenda
05/14/2024 Annual Board Meeting Agenda
05/14/2024 Public Hearing Agenda
04/23/2024 Board Meeting Agenda
04/09/2024 Committee Workshop Meeting Agenda
03/19/2024 Board Meeting Agenda
03/13/2024 Special Board Meeting Agenda
03/12/2024 Committee Workshop Meeting Agenda
03/04/2024 Special Board Meeting Agenda
02/29/2024 Special Board Meeting Agenda
02/28/2024 Special Board Meeting Agenda
02/27/2024 Board Meeting Agenda
02/27/2024 Special Board Meeting Agenda
02/13/2024 Committee Workshop Meeting Agenda
01/23/2024 Board Meeting Agenda
01/09/2024 Committee Workshop Meeting Agenda
12/19/2023 Board Meeting Agenda
12/19/2023 Special Board Meeting Agenda
12/12/2023 Committee Workshop Meeting Agenda
12/12/2023 Public Hearing Agenda
11/30/2023 Special Board Meeting Agenda
11/28/2023 Board Meeting Agenda
11/14/2023 Committee Workshop Meeting Agenda
10/24/2023 Board Meeting Agenda
10/24/2023 Special Board Meeting Agenda
10/03/2023 Committee Workshop Meeting Agenda
09/26/2023 Board Meeting Agenda
09/12/2023 Committee Workshop Meeting Agenda
08/22/2023 Board Meeting Agenda
08/08/2023 Committee Workshop Meeting Agenda
07/25/2023 Board Meeting Agenda
07/11/2023 Committee Workshop Meeting Agenda
06/27/2023 Board Meeting Agenda
06/13/2023 Committee Workshop Meeting Agenda
05/23/2023 Board Meeting Agenda

Board Meeting Minutes

05/14/2024 Committee Workshop Meeting Minutes
05/14/2024 Annual Board Meeting Minutes
05/14/2024 Public Hearing Minutes
04/23/2024 Board Meeting Minutes
04/09/2024 Committee Workshop Meeting Minutes
03/19/2024 Board Meeting Minutes
03/13/2024 Special Board Meeting Minutes
03/12/2024 Committee Workshop Meeting Minutes
03/04/2024 Special Board Meeting Minutes
02/29/2024 Special Board Meeting Minutes
02/28/2024 Special Board Meeting Minutes
02/27/2024 Board Meeting Minutes
02/27/2024 Special Board Meeting Minutes
02/13/2024 Committee Workshop Meeting Minutes
01/23/2024 Board Meeting Minutes
01/09/2024 Committee Workshop Meeting Minutes
12/19/2023 Board Meeting Minutes
12/19/2023 Special Board Meeting Minutes
12/12/2023 Committee Workshop Meeting Minutes
12/12/2023 Public Hearing Minutes
11/30/2023 Special Board Meeting Minutes
11/28/2023 Board Meeting Minutes
11/14/2023 Committee Workshop Meeting Minutes
10/24/2023 Board Meeting Minutes
10/24/2023 Government Efficiency Committee Meeting Minutes
10/03/2023 Committee Workshop Meeting Minutes
09/26/2023 Board Meeting Minutes
09/12/2023 Committee Workshop Meeting Minutes
08/22/2023 Board Meeting Minutes
08/08/2023 Committee Workshop Meeting Minutes
07/25/2023 Board Meeting Minutes
07/11/2023 Committee Workshop Meeting Minutes
06/27/2023 Board Meeting Minutes
06/13/2023 Committee Workshop Meeting Minutes
05/23/2023 Board Meeting Minutes
05/09/2023 Committee Workshop Meeting Minutes
05/09/2023 Annual Board Meeting Minutes
05/09/2023 Public Hearing Minutes


The Executive Director solicits input from the Board of Commissioners, Superintendents, and utilizes other sources such as a comprehensive assessment, surveys, etc., before determining what areas need to be focused on prior to the development of goals and objectives. Agency goals and objectives can take the form of Strategic Goals being worked on by many staff or individual goals and objectives. Goals and objectives are reviewed annually by the Board of Commissioners prior to the adoption of the Annual Budget and reviewed and updated quarterly by the Department Heads. The Executive Director reports the status of all goals to the Board of Commissioners.

Goals & Objectives 2024-25
Goals & Objectives 2023-24
Goals & Objectives 2022-23
Goals & Objectives 2021-22
Goals & Objectives 2020-21
Goals & Objectives 2019-20
Goals & Objectives 2018-19
Goals & Objectives 2017-18
Goals & Objectives 2016-17


Strategic Plans

Strategic Goals 2023-2024
Strategic Plan Presentation – Best Practices – Marketing
Strategic Plan Report – Live-Streaming Programs & Events
Strategic Plan Presentation – Master Usage Schedule
Strategic Plan Presentation – Non-Traditional Park Concepts and Ideas
2021 Strategic Plan
Strategic Goals 2022-2023
Strategic Plan Report – Golf Operations
Strategic Plan Report – Technology
Strategic Plan Report – Synthetic Athletic Fields
Strategic Plan Report – Facility Improvements
Strategic Plan Report – Marketing
Strategic Plan Report – Recreation Programs and Services
Strategic Goals 2021-2022

Annual Audit Reports

Under Illinois Statute (50 ILCS, Par. 310/2, et seq.) the governing body of the Bartlett Park District shall cause an audit of the accounts of the unit to be made by a licensed public accountant. Such audit shall be made annually and shall cover the immediately preceding fiscal year of the funds of the District. The audit shall include all of the accounts and funds of the District, including the accounts of any officer of the District who receives fees or handles funds of the District, or who spends money of the District. The audit shall begin as soon as possible after the close of the last fiscal year and shall be completed and the audit report filed with the Comptroller within six months after the close of the fiscal year.

Annual Audit Reports

Annual Audit Report 4-30-23
Annual Audit Report 4-30-22
Annual Audit Report 4-30-21
Annual Audit Report 4-30-20
Annual Audit Report 4-30-19
Annual Audit Report 4-30-18
Annual Audit Report 4-30-17
Annual Audit Report 4-30-16
Annual Audit Report 4-30-15
Annual Audit Report 4-30-14
Annual Audit Report 4-30-12

Annual Budget & Appropriation Ordinance

Budget & Appropriation Ordinance and Related Documents for Fiscal Year 2024-25
Budget & Appropriation Ordinance and Related Documents for Fiscal Year 2023-24
Budget & Appropriation Ordinance and Related Documents for Fiscal Year 2022-23
Budget & Appropriation Ordinance and Related Documents for Fiscal Year 2021-22
Budget & Appropriation Ordinance and Related Documents for Fiscal Year 2020-21
Budget & Appropriation Ordinance and Related Documents for Fiscal Year 2019-20
Budget & Appropriation Ordinance and Related Documents for Fiscal Year 2018-19
Budget & Appropriation Ordinance and Related Documents for Fiscal Year 2017-18
Budget & Appropriation Ordinance and Related Documents for Fiscal Year 2016-17
Budget & Appropriation Ordinance and Related Documents for Fiscal Year 2015-16
Budget & Appropriation Ordinance and Related Documents for Fiscal Year 2014-15
Budget & Appropriation Ordinance for Fiscal Year 2013-14

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