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The Bartlett Aquatic Center will have alternate hours June 22, 29, 30, and July 4 of 11am-5pm; June 18 12noon-7pm, and July 30 11am-4pm.
Turbo Turtle Race Thursday, June 30 at 7pm. Join in the fun! Get your Tix for $10 Bartlett Parks Foundation ( and be in the running for prizes.
July 4th: Registration Office, Administration Building, Parks Department, and Nature Center closed. LIFECENTER & Splash open 5:30-11am. BAC open 11am-5pm.

Before & After School Recreation

We are committed to providing a fun and safe recreational program for children. The program is structured to be relaxed and recreational to counterbalance the day’s educational activities. Our qualified and caring staff is sensitive to meet the needs of our participants and their parents; Before and After School Recreation runs on all full days of school. Be sure to sign up early, as the program will be in jeopardy of canceling if we do not reach a minimum of 8 participants. Fees for the program are based on the cost of the whole program, not the days an individual attends.

Save $25 off the advertised price by registering early.  Register at least one week before school starts. Register by  Dec. 28 for the Winter session to save!

Payment Options: We offer two options for our Before and After School Recreation program – full payment at the time of registration or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) from your credit card or checking account. EFT payments are processed on the 16th of each month.

If you wish to participate in the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), a $50 per child/per section deposit is required as your down payment, which will be subtracted from your remaining total. Monthly payment amounts will vary depending on the number of days per week a child will attend and the date the registration is received. There is a $3/per month administrative fee that will be charged for any EFT payment. Complete either the BSR and/or ASR registration form, sign the waiver, fill out the EFT form, submit a voided check or credit card information, and include the processing fee along with your deposit. To be involved in the month’s EFT process, registrations need to be received before the 10th of the month.

Winter 2022
Dates: Jan. 4-June 7*
*If all 5 emergency days are used.
No ASR: Jan. 17 & 28, Feb. 21, March 4 & March 28-April 1, April 15, and May 6

NEW! Before & After School Recreation (Combo)

ID# Day   Time Fee
40482-01 Monday of every week 6:45-8:30am/2:30-6pm $416 (deposit $50)
40482-02 Tuesday of every week 6:45-8:30am/2:30-6pm $485 (deposit $50)
40482-03 Wednesday of every week 6:45-8:30am/2:30-6pm $485 (deposit $50)
40482-04 Thursday of every week 6:45-8:30am/2:30-6pm $485 (deposit $50)
40482-05 Friday of every week 6:45-8:30am/2:30-6pm $393 (deposit $50)

Before School Recreation

ID# Day   Time Fee
40481-01 Monday of every week 6:45-8:30am $229 (deposit $50)
40481-02 Tuesday of every week 6:45-8:30am $265 (deposit $50)
40481-03 Wednesday of every week 6:45-8:30am $265 (deposit $50)
40481-04 Thursday of every week 6:45-8:30am $265 (deposit $50)
40481-05 Friday of every week 6:45-8:30am $217 (deposit $50)

After School Recreation

ID# Day   Time Fee
40480-01 Monday of every week 2:30-6pm $348 (deposit $50)
40480-02 Tuesday of every week 2:30-6pm $405 (deposit $50)
40480-03 Wednesday of every week 2:30-6pm $405 (deposit $50)
40480-04 Thursday of every week 2:30-6pm $405 (deposit $50)
40480-05 Friday of every week 2:30-6pm $329 (deposit $50)

Winter 2022 Registration Packet
Frequently Asked Questions
For more information, please contact Josh Handelsman at 630-540-4843 or email.

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