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Park Rules

To provide a positive experience for everyone involved please abide by the following park rules.

• Parks with buildings and/or lighted sports fields are open at sunrise and close at 11 pm.
• Picnic shelters and parks with no buildings or lighted sports fields are open at sunrise and closed at dusk.
• No alcoholic beverages allowed in any park.
• Please use all park equipment as it was intended.
• No motorized vehicles allowed on park property or on bike paths except on driveways and parking lots during open
park hours.
• Clean up after your pet and keep dogs on a 6’ or less leash.
• Dogs with permits in the Riley’s Run dog park may be off-leash during open hours.
Report any vandalism or damaged park property 630-540-4800. Call Police at 911 for any suspicious or illegal activity.

Park Rules PDF

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