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photo of Teens riding skate boards at skate park

Specialty Parks


Leiseberg Park      325 E. Devon Avenue, Bartlett Open for the 2024 Season
Blue Heron Park   350 Blue Heron Way, Bartlett  Open for the 2024 Season

Spray Playground Rules


The Dog Park is located within Riley’s Run Park at 650 Lambert Lane (at the intersections of Lambert Lane and Thornbury Road) in the Castle Creek Subdivision. It is the Bartlett Park District’s only dog park with a fenced in enclosure where dogs with permits may run off-leash under the supervision of their owner. To participate in the dog park off-leash portion of the park you MUST have a current permit for each dog.

Health Report License
Form Permit Application


The 18-hole course located in Sunrise Park, 900 W. Struckman Blvd, at the intersections of Apple Tree Lane & Struckman Blvd. was designed to bring people of all ages out to enjoy the outdoors while participating in a recreational activity. Disc golf is played much like traditional golf however instead of a ball and clubs, players use a flying plastic disc. Players are cautioned that if their disc falls into the pond, they should not go in to retrieve it.

Please be courteous to all park users. Everyone has the right to walk, play, and be in the park.

Disc Golf Course Map, Score Card, and Rules
Disc Golf Course Usage
Disc Golf Course Rules


Located at 620 W. Stearns Road adjacent to the Bartlett Aquatic Center this facility contains ramps, ledges, rails, a beef box/pyramid and more. It is free to the public and unsupervised. Safety equipment is highly recommended. *Please note that the skate park is locked during the Fourth of July Festival and unavailable during the festival.

Skate Park Rules



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