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A Place to Grow: Bartlett Park District Preschool

Looking for a place for your child to flourish? The Bartlett Park District preschool is a program that serves children from ages three to five. This recreational program provides an environment where your child will foster their unique growth through play-based learning. We strongly believe in meeting the needs of the whole child and provide a curriculum that will prepare your child for later school success. Our goal is to plan daily experiences that will help your child grow physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually in a fun and safe environment.

Our classrooms are located in the Preschool Wing of the Bartlett Community Center. We welcome you and your child to visit our school and explore our classrooms. Tours are by appointment only. Please contact our Preschool Coordinator at 630-540-4853 if you are interested in setting up a tour.

The first days of preschool are very big steps for you and your child to take. Helping you and your child to be best prepared to reach this milestone is key to your child’s success. To make the transition a little easier you may want to try some of these suggestions:

  • Reading picture books about Preschool can help to lessen apprehensions and help your child develop positive feelings about school.
  • Practice self-help skills to build self-esteem. Let your child do things for themselves.
  • Participate in social activities prior to beginning Preschool that are designed to gradually ease your child towards independence (being away from parent / caregiver) and being in larger group settings.
  • Join classes or events that are shorter lengths of time so your child gets accustomed to structured activities such as story time and following directions on a small scale.
  • Attend library story times (check out the Bartlett Library), parent / tot music classes (see the BPD website and Nature Center) or special events where other young children attend to begin socializing.
  • Take advantage of other opportunities to leave your child in a safe environment without you, such as a babysitter / grandparent for a short periods of time.
  • If your family speaks more than one language but rarely speak English, begin practicing speaking English at home so that your child can communicate with their teachers and peers. Have your child speak / respond in English to you so they feel comfortable in expressing themselves and their wants / needs. Learning / knowing multiple languages is wonderful and they will not forget their home language.
  • Toilet independence is required prior to starting Preschool (pull-ups or diapers cannot be worn in class). Teach your child to dress and undress accordingly and to perform the process on their own, which will in turn make them feel more confident.