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Policies and Regulations


The Bartlett Park District has a variety of Policies and Procedures, Ordinances and Resolutions in place for the efficient operation of the Park District.

  • Policies: Are defined as any plan or course of action reflecting the aims to be achieved by the District and are officially approved by the Board of Commissioners.
  • Procedures: Are defined as any plan or course of action formulated, developed, and implemented by the District staff to facilitate day-to-day operations within the respective policy guidelines.
  • Ordinances and Resolutions: Are defined as those documents required by the State of Illinois under the Park District Code.


The Bartlett Park District adheres to the Illinois Clean Indoor Air Act (PA 86-1018). All public facilities are smoke-free zones. No person shall smoke in any part of Park District buildings, or within 15 feet of a public facility, and then must be in a specifically designated and posted smoking area. Outdoor cigarette residue receptacles are provided in these areas.


As a governmental agency, the Bartlett Park District is subject to the Illinois Prevailing Wage Act, 820 ILCS 130) This act applies to the wages of laborers, mechanics, and other workers employed in any public works, by any public body and to anyone under contracts for public works. All contracts and bids awarded by the Bartlett Park District must comply with the Illinois Prevailing Wage Act.

The Bartlett Park District adopted Ordinance 18-02 at an official Board Meeting on June 26, 2018, noting compliance with the Illinois Prevailing Wage Act.

Public Act 100-1177, which took effect on June 1, 2019, states that while the District is still required to pay prevailing wages for public work projects, the District no longer needs to adopt a prevailing wage Ordinance each year, or file it with the Illinois Department of Labor.

Current Prevailing Wage Rates for DuPage, Cook, and Kane County:  Prevailing Wage Rates Illinois Department of Labor


Our facilities are rated “G” for the General Public to enjoy. Facility users who do not conduct themselves in a proper manner, or do not follow the facility conduct policy will be removed from the facility and grounds. Repeated improper conduct will result in loss of facility privileges.


  • Resident Rates: Are defined as those who pay taxes to the Bartlett Park District in order to support the Park District. Residents would have first priority in the registration process.
  • Regular Rates: Regular rates are applicable to those that do not pay property taxes to the Bartlett Park District. Regular rates are higher than the resident rate. Most programs and services have a Regular and Resident Rate. If you are unsure if you are paying taxes to the Bartlett Park District, give us a call at 630-540-4865, or check your property tax bill.


The Bartlett Park District’s Regulatory Ordinance, regulates the use of parks, provides for penalties, and repeals all ordinances in conflict therewith.

Regulatory Ordinance

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