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Photo of tennis players

Park Activities


Nets are up from mid-March through mid-November, weather permitting. Tennis lessons are available through the Park District throughout the year. Park District tennis lessons have priority over other play. Limit play to one hour if others are waiting. Please leave food and drinks outside the fence. Tennis courts are for tennis only; no skateboards, rollerblades or bikes. Players must wear athletic tennis style shoes. Surface may be slippery when wet.

Outdoor tennis courts are located at the following parks:

Apple Orchard West Park 696 W. Stearns Road
Leiseberg Park 325 E. Devon Avenue
Riley’s Run Park 650 Lambert Lane

Tennis Rules


1/2 court basketball courts are available at the following locations:

Ancient Oaks Park 1185 Ancient Oaks Dr.
Apple Orchard West Park 696 W. Stearns Rd.
Newport Park 750 Newport Blvd.
Riley’s Run Park 650 Lambert Dr.
Sunrise Park 900 W. Struckman Blvd.
Trails End Park 970 Longford Rd.
Walnut Corner Park 768 Crab Tree Ln.
Marianne Cordell Park 875 Francine Dr.


The park district has designated hills at Apple Orchard Community Park and Leiseberg Park locations for sledding. Use of the sled hills are at your own risk. Sledding is a hazardous activity and presents possible risk. Sledding is only allowed in the direction as posted. Sledding is only permitted from dawn to dusk. Parents are responsible for children; no supervision is provided. Use caution when sledding and be considerate of others.


Snowmobiling is prohibited on park district property and village bike paths. Check with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) for snowmobiling locations. The IDNR Regional office phone number is 847-608-3100.


The Bartlett Park District and the Village of Bartlett maintain over 16 miles of paved community bike paths throughout the District. Follow the safety rules listed below for a safe, enjoyable ride.

Bicycle Safety

  • Always wear a bicycle helmet.
  • Ride to the right unless passing another bicycle, pedestrian or avoiding hazards.
  • Stop at stop signs and red lights. Obey all traffic signals.
  • Use a light, reflectors and reflective clothing at dusk or during darkness.
  • Wear bright clothing during the daytime.
  • Use proper hand signals when turning, stopping or changing lanes.
  • Use extra caution when it is raining and allow extra time to stop.
  • Cross railroad tracks at a right angle.
  • Walk your bike when using a crosswalk.
  • Do not wear headphones on both ears while riding.
  • Keep your bike properly maintained so it is safe.
  • Ride defensively. Be alert for hazards.
  • Watch for cars at cross streets and driveways.
  • If riding on the street, ride in the same direction as the flow of traffic.
  • Be aware of parked cars and watch for car doors that may open.
  • Give pedestrians the right of way.

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