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Bartlett Park District Community Survey Information
Ancient Oaks Park Pavement will have repairs done Sept. 28 & 29
Sealcoating at Blue Heron Park and will take place on: Thursday, September 21st
Bartlett Skate Park & Apple Orchard Community Park closed for renovation

News Flash

Apple Orchard Community Park

The Apple Orchard Community Park is being updated. A matching Illinois State OSLAD grant helped to provide funding for this project.
What has been done so far? Demolition has been done on the interior walking path near the playground. The original playground has been removed. The skate park features have been removed.
What is coming? A new asphalt path will be going in by a new playground. The Skate Park will have new features as well as lights. There will be ADA improvements for the area. Additionally, O’Brien Woods Trail will receive upgraded ADA features leading to and including the fire pit area.


It had been noticed that water had begun to pool in 2 areas along the 9th Fairway, which was notoriously soft. Thinking it was irrigation based, we dug, but discovered an old clay drain tile as the cause.

The second area turned out to be an old cement drain with unsealed and leaking seams, clogged with mud/ debris, as well as some collapsed sections. Those collapsed sections were removed, the remaining clogged sections were rodded out with the assistance of Public Works and the area along Fairway 9 has begun to gradually dry out and firm up in the last few weeks.

Additionally, the new aerator for the pond has arrived!
The new aerator helps to move air through the pond, helping to gradually reduce algae blooms and promotes cleaner water.

Come check out the improved Apple Orchard Golf Course today!

We had a fantastic swim season! Sharing with you some highlights and images. First of all we started the season with a strong team numbers wise. We had 139 registered swimmers with all of age groups at capacity or near capacity.  We have the largest swim team in the entire three conferences.  This season we saw all of our swimmers make great gains whether it was time drop, skills improvement and even for our 8U, starting on the blocks and diving into the pool, all great milestones for our different ages and level of swimmers.

We rallied together to help the fight against cancer with our Swim Across America fundraising event, exceeding our 5K goal and raising $9,126!

To continue the excitement the Bartlett Barracuda’s won both A and B conference in the Red Division beating out Butterfield Bullfrogs, Roselle Racer and the Villa Park Mariners.  We have not won a division since 2018.  We move up to the top white division next year where we will face swim teams from Itasca, Lombard and Woodridge.

At A Conference, two records were broken by our 15-18 age group. Drew Wilmot, 15-18 girls broke the 50 Yd Breaststroke Record set in 2011 with a new time on the record board of 32.71 seconds.  In the Boys 15-18 age group, Josh Grigonis, broke the 50 Yd Breaststroke Record set in 2018 with a new time on the record board of 29.86 seconds.  All very exciting achievements that speak to the hard work, great coaching and fantastic swim community.

Apple Orchard West

The Apple Orchard West Playground renovation is complete, and the playground along with shelter is ready for use.

Kermit’s Korner

Kermit’s Korner Playground is complete and ready for use.